Month: August 2015

Show 3 – Media Matters

Show Notes:

It’s Not News addresses gender-neutral signage.

Feminism 101 introduces the cinematic male gaze.

Ms. Bea’s Titillating Topic is the Bechdel Test, and

Princess Sparkle Farts returns and begins her duty as a Secret Agent.

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PSF is a guest on: Zachrilegecast

Zach Law, from the Zachrilegecast, invited us on his show to do an interview about the first two episodes, and yes, we did allow the Penis Gallery to speak. This time.

NC-17 for language and alchohol consumption

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Show 2 – The one where we talk about masturbation

Show Notes:
In “It’s Not News” periods are not a punchline.
In “Feminism 101” we catch the “third wave” and tackle objections to feminism.
MissBea’s Titillating Topic: Masturbation, and Duke Manly hosts the game show “Mansplanation.”
Check out Jenna Christian’s blog post and Lauren Southern’s video at:
A Reply to “Why I’m Not a Feminist”

A Reply to Lauren Southern’s “Why I’m Not a Feminist”, By Jenna Christian

Find Ms. Ashely on “No Religion Required” at:

Show 1 – Secret Origins

Show Notes
In “Feminism 101” we learn what a “real” feminist is.
This week’s “It’s Not News” features discussion of reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.
We discuss sex positivity, and we introduce our mascot, Princess Sparkle Farts.

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