Month: January 2016

Episode 12 – Tappin’ the Sugarbush

Show Notes:
-Feminism 101: Demanda discusses Marilyn Frye
-Ms. Bea’s Titillating Topic: Some Fave Sex Educators

Mentioned in the segment:
-Nina Hartley:
-Carlin Ross & Betty Dodson:
-Lucas Brooks:
-Eric Paul Leue: @EricPaulLeue on Twitter or to follow on Facebook, search for his name. To learn more about PrEP and TasP, visit or search for the peer-reviewed papers on Google Scholar.

-It’s Not News: #RegressiveLeft, Trigger Warnings, & Safe Spaces
-The (Fucking) Corrections Segment
-PSF in Operation: Boob Job

Blog 101: A great example of WHY PSF is needed!

Ms Bea and Demanda recently did an interview with Huffington Post contributor, George Elerick, on what we mean by “…

Posted by Promoting Secular Feminism on Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello Everyone,

The Producer “God” here. As you can see by clicking on the date above (in case the comment has been deleted by the user, see the screenshot below), we woke up this morning to find this awesome message of encouragement for us. It is awesome because it expertly showcases the NEED for this podcast in one simple-minded paragraph…

He thinks this we’ll discourage these ladies? BOY is he wrong! I am LMAO at the moment just waiting for their next episode to drop!

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Stay tuned for more…

Episode 11 – Thanks For Coming, Bi

Show Notes:

The Educated Guest is Trav Mamone of Bi-Any Means blog and podcast.

Ms. Bea’s Titillating topic is Gender Bias in Medical Treatment, and

…we’ll probably talk about dildos.

Check Trav out at Bi Any Means Podcast