Episode 14 – “Drunken Debacles & Ding-a-lings”

Show Notes:
Educated Guests: Callie Wright & Ari Coleman, co-hosts of The Gaytheist Manifesto podcast


Feminism 101: “There’s Something About Dawkins”
We catch an episode of “Dr. Wu”

2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – “Drunken Debacles & Ding-a-lings””

  1. Although difficult, I listened to the entire podcast. Admittedly, I’ve never been called a Dawkins fan boy before but I think you are terribly mistaken about why we dislike this movement; to be frank, they have nothing to do with one another. Speaking for myself, secularism is fundamental to how I think a government should run, but as a libertarian after that fact, I do then believe you have the right to call yourself whatever you want or worship any deity you want, just expect that my freedom to disagree or argue is just as important. Secularism is an idea on how a government should run, you are creating this artificial division among secularists based on, as you said in the podcast, our desire for data-driven analysis when you think we should use “compassion”. I can tell you precisely why I want religion out of government, please explain to me why you’re interjecting a social movement with a political stance and then chuckle like you know something I don’t.

    I can understand the emotions being dealt with here, but until you figure out how to get data interjected into your viewpoints, you literally have the same argument as a religious person: “forget trying to rationalize this, it’s a compassionate / emotional thing that you just need to understand” *feels*

    And btw, as a pretty ardent atheist, I understand the small minority I am in with such a worldview; I am proud of it and welcome any challenges to it as my logical reasoning behind it is solid. If your feminist movement has the same vigor, it will withstand rational discourse in society. The fact that the most rational people I know are rejecting it, tells me I’m on the right path here and you should rethink how you’re presenting these social ideas.

    Summation: Come join the secular movement, understand that is what we want to meet and discuss, not other social movements. Please.

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