Month: May 2016

Episode 20 – Women in Red

Show notes:
Educated Guests: Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, Susan Barnum (@Megalibrarygirl) of Wikiproject: Women in Red
Feminism 101: Debating Feminism.
Source: Hekman, Susan. “Feminism.” The Rutledge Companion to Critical Theory. Ed. Simon Malpas and Paul Wake. Rutledge: New York, 2006. 91-101. Print.
& Introducing “Modesty Merkins”

Episode 19 – Boobaru

Show Notes:
-Feminism 101: Hillary Hate
A Comprehensive Guide to Sexist Attacks on Hillary Clinton: attacks-on-hill/199700

Scandal Loves a Clinton, Frank Rich:

Hillary Hating, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.:

-Titillating Topics: Politics of Perversion, Part II, Weird Sex Laws
Article referenced:

-Time Warpers meets Hypatia

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Episode 18 – Gratuitous Nudity

Show Notes:

-Feminism 101
-MissBea’s Titillating Topics -Politics of Perversion, Part I, Federal Obscenity Laws
-Hate mail
-PSF was Operation Model Behavior


North Carolina

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