Episode 20 – Women in Red

Show notes:
Educated Guests: Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, Susan Barnum (@Megalibrarygirl) of Wikiproject: Women in Red
Feminism 101: Debating Feminism.
Source: Hekman, Susan. “Feminism.” The Rutledge Companion to Critical Theory. Ed. Simon Malpas and Paul Wake. Rutledge: New York, 2006. 91-101. Print.
& Introducing “Modesty Merkins”

One thought on “Episode 20 – Women in Red”

  1. Although I probably risk being a douchebag but does the fact that there is big disproportion between number of men/women pages on wiki reflect current inequality (discrimination) between men and women or does it reflect inequality that existed (still exists? not the point) in the past?
    I mean of course there are many more men’s pages when in past it were men who did the “important stuff”. Sure, it was unfair that (for example) most of scientists were men etc but that’s what it was like – so should we be really surprised there’s such bad ratio men/women?

    Of course if that ratio exists also in fields and in times when in reality there are/were as many (important, known, ..) women as (important, known, ..) men and yet wiki doesn’t reflect that then that’s another story.

    In any case, more wiki editor = better wiki :o)

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