S01E09 The Zombie Jesus Special

Since last week’s episode is late getting out and I wanted to get this week’s out early because of the Easter weekend, we have combined two episodes to give you a hilarious, feature-length episode of PSF! Join us this week for tips on surviving encounters with Zombie (or whatever he is) Jesus, Microactivism, a discussion on abortion, 2 Trumps & a Puppy (current events), a rant about the United incident, an interview with Matthew Facciani, and a rant on t-shirts for the “Free the Nipple” campaign. This is all topped off by yet another comedy sketch, “Fifty Shades of God.” Stay tuned!

How We Help Facebook Page:

Abortion Discussion:
1 in 3 Campaign: http://www.1in3campaign.org/

Two Trumps and a Puppy Segment:
The Pepsi commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA5Yq1DLSmQ
The Cheetos SNL skit I mention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imUigBNF-TE
An SNL skit I found about the Pepsi commercial just now while finding resources for the show notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn8pwoNWseM

About Equal Pay Day: http://www.pay-equity.org/about.html
Article we mentioned: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/nov/08/dispelling-the-myths-why-the-gender-pay-gap-does-not-reflect-the-choices-women-make
Another great resource on the pay gap by Stephanie Zvan: https://the-orbit.net/almostdiamonds/2017/03/09/the-myth-of-the-pay-gap-myth/



Advocates for Youth is seeking youth leaders. Apply here:

Interview with Matthew Facciani:
His blog: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/accordingtomatthew/
According to Matthew Podcast: http://www.matthewfacciani.com/podcast/
Twitter: @matthewfacciani
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/MatthewFacciani/

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