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PSF was a guest on: The Gaytheist Manifesto!

Click here to listen to the interview on The Gaytheist Manifesto!


Note: We had a great time exchanging interviews with the hosts of The Gaytheist Manifesto, Callie Wright and Ari Coleman! We discussed secular feminism, intersectionality, gender essentialism, whiskey, and, of course, the tensile strength of large-beaded necklaces at Target and whether they qualify as anal beads. This is what happens when we unleash the whiskey.

Here’s our interview on The Gaytheist Manifesto! Be sure to check out more of their episodes-they do a GREAT job of bridging the LGBTQX and secular communities!


PSF is a guest on: Zachrilegecast

Zach Law, from the Zachrilegecast, invited us on his show to do an interview about the first two episodes, and yes, we did allow the Penis Gallery to speak. This time.

NC-17 for language and alchohol consumption

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