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Episode 9 – Humongous Holiday Hoedown

Show Notes:

This week’s Educated Guest is Xandi Anderson, pro-choice activist and President of the Montgomery Humanists.

Ms. Bea’s Titillating Topic is abstinence-only sex education,

and then we present ‘The New and Improved Testament’ (*not available in stores)

Episode 8 – SWISSer Sisters

Show Notes:


Lavada Luenig joins us for Educated Guests,

DeManda Wright attacks Supernanny Shit in Feminism 101

And Princess Sparkle Farts returns in Operation Bacon Bludgeon

Link to article:

Joanna Williams, “Rise of the Supernanny Feminists” Spiked 


Show 7 – Rosa Parks Rides the Magic School Bus

Show Notes:

Rosa Parks Rides the Magic School Bus

This week we have our Educated Guest, The Prophet Jeremiah from No Religion Required, and we put our two cents into the secular social media buzz about Kim Davis.

Finally, you have the pleasure of being introduced to Planned Victorian Parenthood.

Show 6 -The Pornisode (Part I)

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Episode 6: The Pornisode Part I

Ms. Bea’s Titallating Topic for the week is Nina Hartley and the porn industry.

Ms. Bea and DeManda debate pornography.

DeManda Wright provides the historical context for the Feminist Sex Wars about pornography and prostitution, and then

we are introduced to Van-Helsing Feminist Hunter.

Ferguson, Ann. “Sex Wars: The Debate Between Radical and Libertarian Feminists.” Signs 10.1 (Autumn 1984): 106-112.

Show 5 – Getting Straight to the Poynter

Show Notes:

Ms. Bea interviews Rikki Poynter.

In Feminism 101 DeManda almost says something about cars and allies,

and Princess Sparkle Farts returns in Operation Cunning Linguist.

Find Rikki at:


Show 4 – Dildos and More

Show Notes

It’s Not News presents discussion of female Viagra.

Feminism 101 discuses Buffy, rape culture, and the secular community.

Ms. Bea talks fetishes in her Titillating Topics Segment,

and we introduce our new sexual merchandise store Dildos, Dildos, Dildos, Dildos, and more Dildos, LLC Outlet Store.

We also give love to our Twitter follows, iTunes raters, and find time to dis Cognitive Dissonance.

Show 3 – Media Matters

Show Notes:

It’s Not News addresses gender-neutral signage.

Feminism 101 introduces the cinematic male gaze.

Ms. Bea’s Titillating Topic is the Bechdel Test, and

Princess Sparkle Farts returns and begins her duty as a Secret Agent.

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Show 2 – The one where we talk about masturbation

Show Notes:
In “It’s Not News” periods are not a punchline.
In “Feminism 101” we catch the “third wave” and tackle objections to feminism.
MissBea’s Titillating Topic: Masturbation, and Duke Manly hosts the game show “Mansplanation.”
Check out Jenna Christian’s blog post and Lauren Southern’s video at:
A Reply to “Why I’m Not a Feminist”

A Reply to Lauren Southern’s “Why I’m Not a Feminist”, By Jenna Christian

Find Ms. Ashely on “No Religion Required” at:

Show 1 – Secret Origins

Show Notes
In “Feminism 101” we learn what a “real” feminist is.
This week’s “It’s Not News” features discussion of reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.
We discuss sex positivity, and we introduce our mascot, Princess Sparkle Farts.

Sign the Change.org petition “Make Fetal Tissue Donation Available to All Women Having Abortions”

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