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Episode 24 – Guardians of the Uterus

Show Notes:
Welcome to PSF’s very first live event! This will be a night to celebrate SCOTUS rulings, discuss women’s reproductive rights, & answer questions from callers.

Guests will include:
-Tracie Harris, of Atheist Community of Austin, The Atheist Experience, and Godless Bitches
-Xandi Andersen, of Montgomery Humanists and POWER House
-Sharron Paul of Repro Madness, the Lady Parts Justice podcast
-June Ayers, owner and director of Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, AL. (Featured in “Trapped,” an award-winning documentary on the TRAP-Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers- laws.)

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Episode 23 – A Reading From Two Feminists

Episode 22 – PSF is NOT in the Kitchen

Show Notes:

-Feminism 101: Non-Western Feminism
Narayan,Uma. 2003. The Project of Feminist Epistemology: Perspectives from a Nonwestern Feminist, p. 308-17 in Carole McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim. Feminist Theory Reader: Local and Global Perspectives.

-Ms Bea Talks about Reason Rally:
Full recording of the day, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mQVnNWI0vQ

-Gone with the Weiner

More info:
-Women in Secularism Conference: WomenInSecularism.org
-ReAsonCon3: ReAsonNC.com or @ReAsonConNC on Twitter

Show 21 – The Sequels Strike Back

Show Notes:
-Feminism 101: Debating Feminism, Part II
Hekman, Susan. “Feminism.” The Routledge Companion to Critical Theory. Ed. Simon Malpas and Paul Wake. Routledge: New York, 2006. 91-101. Print.
-Titillating Topic: Part III of Politics of Perversion
-We discuss the “Go Girl”
-PSF in Operation: Thespian

Episode 20 – Women in Red

Show notes:
Educated Guests: Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, Susan Barnum (@Megalibrarygirl) of Wikiproject: Women in Red
Feminism 101: Debating Feminism.
Source: Hekman, Susan. “Feminism.” The Rutledge Companion to Critical Theory. Ed. Simon Malpas and Paul Wake. Rutledge: New York, 2006. 91-101. Print.
& Introducing “Modesty Merkins”

Episode 19 – Boobaru

Show Notes:
-Feminism 101: Hillary Hate
A Comprehensive Guide to Sexist Attacks on Hillary Clinton:
http://mediamatters.org/research/2016/02/05/a-comprehensive-guide-to-sexist- attacks-on-hill/199700

Scandal Loves a Clinton, Frank Rich:

Hillary Hating, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.:

-Titillating Topics: Politics of Perversion, Part II, Weird Sex Laws
Article referenced: http://io9.gizmodo.com/a-map-of-the-weirdest-sex-laws-in-the-united-states-1485053434

-Time Warpers meets Hypatia

Sound Effects Credits:
T-rex: http://soundbible.com/1319-Tyrannosaurus-Rex.html

Jab: http://soundbible.com/995-Jab.html

Spaceship Takeoff: http://soundbible.com/1957-Spaceship-Takeoff.html

Crash sound: http://soundbible.com/1651-747-Jet-Crash.html

Space ship Door Open: http://soundbible.com/1284-Space-Ship-Door-Opening.html

Metroid Door Sound: http://soundbible.com/1858-Metroid-Door.html

Sun Roof Open: http://soundbible.com/775-Sun-Roof-Open.html

Camel(s): https://www.freesound.org/people/Chris%20Weaver/sounds/338281/

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TomCat Sound: http://soundbible.com/1687-TomCat.html

Episode 18 – Gratuitous Nudity

Show Notes:

-Feminism 101
-MissBea’s Titillating Topics -Politics of Perversion, Part I, Federal Obscenity Laws
-Hate mail
-PSF was Operation Model Behavior


North Carolina


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Episode 17 – PSF Has Fallen to the Communists

Show Notes:
Feminism 101: Gender Wage Gap
Ms Bea’s Titillating Topic: “Lube”
Official Patreon Launch Announcement!
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Comments from listeners
Sketch: “The Monthly Visitor”

Men and Women: No Big Difference

Studies show that one’s sex has little or no bearing on personality, cognition and leadership.

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Episode 16 – Turn Around, Eli

Show Notes:

In Feminism 101 it’s Peters GoInYa Take 2.

Our Educated Guest is Eli Bosnick, and
we present an episode of Fashion Cops.Find Eli in all these places:
@Eli Bosnick on Twitter
http://www.notjustanymagician.com/bio.html and more…

Episode 15 – Vaginspirational

Show Notes:
Educated Guest: Dr. Kimya Dennis, Criminologist & Sociologist at Salem College
PSA on the Zika Virus from Ms Bea
(For more info, visit http://www.cdc.gov)
PSF in Operation: Marylin Redux